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Logan Cates, Class of 2015

“You can read many news articles about the quality of education at Harding and level of achievement on state tests, ACTs, AP tests, etc. The reason for this, and the best thing about Harding as a student, are the teachers. Our teachers at Harding are a unique group of dedicated professionals committed to helping all students achieve their goals, whether educational or personal. As a student, my teachers were incredible mentors and gave me the confidence to push myself to be involved and work hard in high school and college. This support has continued through the present day. As I began the Teach for America program and became an educator myself, I have continued to lean on the support of my former teachers from Harding. It is truly a family where students are pushed, challenged, and motivated to achieve their goals by teachers who really care about them, and I am grateful for the experience I had there."