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Electives Department

Journalism & Digital Media       ½ unit             1 semester 

Journalism I is designed to achieve the following objectives: 1) to develop a better understanding of the news media and its relation to the democratic process, 2) to develop the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion and to form intelligent judgments, 3) to learn the basic skills in the various forms of news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, editing, newspaper design, and desktop publishing, 4) to explore the various career opportunities of journalism and the mass media, 5) to provide training for participation on the school newspaper and yearbook staffs.

Online News                                1 unit              2 semesters

The  advanced news reporting staff will produce an online news site.  The publication will act as its own business with the students setting the budget and selling advertising.  Students will explore the foundations of good journalism writing at an advanced level; the difference between opinion and propaganda; the design concepts which sell a story to the reader; online  podcasting and broadcasting; and photojournalism.  The staff may also participate in state and national contests and/or conventions.  Students who receive a “B” or better in English, Journalism I, Computer Applications or Photography are  strongly encouraged to apply.  (Requires teacher approval and an application)

Yearbook                                      1 unit              2 semesters 

The primary objective of the yearbook staff is to provide a complete, reliable story of the school year for the student body,  the faculty and the community.  Through a learning lab, students will develop skills in leadership, feature writing headline and caption writing, editing, proofreading, design, photojournalism, advertising, advanced computer skills, marketing and sales.  In order to keep up with the current trends in yearbook production and to establish an adherence to acceptable journalistic standards, students are encouraged to attend local, state and national workshops and/or conferences.  Students who have a “B” or better in English, Photography, journalism I, and/or Computer Applications are strongly encouraged to apply. (Requires teacher approval and an application)

Computer Applications                ½ unit             1 semester 

Students will learn essential skills in word processing, database management, spreadsheets, and computer presentations.  Other topics taught include the history of computers, computer ethics, and research strategies.

Health                                             ½ unit             1 semester

This course is designed to help students understand how nutritional requirements vary in relationship to age, gender, physical activity and health conditions. Students will identify eating disorders, substance abuse and their effects. They will be taught safety and first aid along with CPR training. It is also designed to increase health and safety literacy, instill responsible behavior and promote health and safety advocacy. The knowledge, attitudes, and skills developed as a result of this class will enable individuals to make informed choices that affect personal, family, and community health for a lifetime.

PE (Boys and Girls)                      ½ unit             1 semester

Students will participate in a variety of games, sports, and rhythmic activities including: badminton, tennis, golf, pickle-ball, volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball. Students will also participate in weight lifting and aerobic exercise used for cardio-respiratory fitness.  This course is divided into gender specific classes.

Strength & Conditioning               ½ unit             1 semester

Students will lift weights on Monday through Friday using workouts that are based upon the set/repetitions concept. Free bar and dumbbells are the major sources of training. Students will be grouped by abilities and each student works on his or her own individual capacity. Emphasis is on lifting concepts, maintenance of muscle tone endurance and establishment of a system of self-evaluation.  This course is divided into gender specific classes.

Cardio-Conditioning                       ½ unit             1 semester

Cardio-Conditioning is a total body development concept that is an advanced aerobics course. It is open to both male and female students who have a strong desire to greatly improve their cardiovascular endurance. This high- intensity class will also increase muscularity, flexibility and balance. It is a course that will enhance and improve sports performance.

Student Council                              1 unit              2 semesters

Leadership is a course in which the class studies communication, group process, managerial styles, self awareness, human relations, school policies, procedures, and personnel.  The class is designed for Student Council officers and school leaders to insure school activities are organized.  (Requires teacher approval and election into Student Council office)