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Uniform Policy

Uniform Dress Code


  • Pants may be plain or pleated front with belt loops.
  • Pants must be in khaki or navy blue.
  • Pants must fit properly and may not have tears, splits, rips, or frayed hems.
  • Pants such as hip huggers, stretch pants, leggings, or denim material are not permitted.
  • Belts are required to be worn with pants at all times.

Shorts & Skirts


  • Students must wear navy, white, or red polo style shirts.
  • NO logos or insignias with exception of official ICMS logo.
  • Shirts may not be rolled, tied, and the collar cannot be tucked in the neck or altered in any way.



  • Must be white, navy, or red if wearing one.

Sweaters, Sweatshirts, & Pullovers

  • Students may only wear plain navy, white, or red Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Pullovers - Official IMCS logo items are allowed as well.
  • If removed, the shirt underneath MUST meet dress code policy.  (This includes when outside the building.)


Hats and other headwear   

  • No headgear is to be worn in the building at any time.
  • Headgear for religious reasons is exempted out of the policy provided individual notifies administration.
  • Headbands must not exceed two inches in width and cannot be bandana print.

Face Masks

  • Facemasks are allowed
  • Facemasks must be school appropriate and cannot be bandana print.

Out of Uniform Days

  • Will be determined by the administration.
  • Clothing must be acceptable and appropriate.
  • The fundamentals of the ICMS Dress Code Policy apply to Out of Uniform Days. The fundamentals of ICMS Policy include:
    • Length of shorts and/or skirts
    • ICMS Shoe policy
    • Head Gear policy
  • Any sleeveless shirt under four fingers width must have a sleeved shirt as an undershirt.
  • No hoodies.
  • No pants with holes or frays.
  • No exposed midriffs.
  • No plunging necklines.
  • Tights and/or leggings may not be worn as pants. They can only be worn under bottoms that abide by the ICMS length of shorts and/or skirt policy.

The final decision will be based on the judgment of the administration. If the administration deems the clothing of a student inappropriate or a distraction to the educational environment at any time, the student must make arrangements to change into appropriate clothing or be placed in the office for the remainder of the day.