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Academic Philosophy

Philosophy of Harding Independence Charter District

Parents who desired the best educational experiences for their children founded both Independence Charter Middle School (ICMS) and Harding Charter Preparatory High School (HCPHS). The educational philosophy of ICMS and HCPHS is that of a small school environment where the former prepares their students for a college-preparatory high school and the latter is a College Board, Advanced Placement Curriculum. A highly trained faculty aids in the implementation of our rigorous curriculum. The Harding Independence Charter District (HICD) faculty and administration employ a transitional philosophy from the environment of middle school to the rigors and demands of high school. ICMS and HCPHS are staffed by a committed group of professionals who provide the structure and environment to use the full range of their professional expertise in providing the best educational experiences for the children they serve. We believe in a collaborative environment where faculty and administration work together for the benefit of students. 

Our principal interest is the welfare, educational experience and achievement of each student. Faculty, administration and parents hold high expectations for student academic achievement and have, therefore, designed a rigorous curriculum to prepare our students for the academic demands in both schools and in their studies beyond high school.  

We believe an optimal educational environment is achievable through a secure and safe school experience. Parents will support the administration and faculty toward that goal. The highest standards of professional behavior and ethics are expected from our administration and staff. Parents will support the staff and administration in a mutually respectful manner.  

We understand the design, administration, and governance of this district are unique. As with all new enterprises, we will strive to continuously improve our district and provide the very best for the children we serve.