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Policies & Handbooks





IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS (State of Oklahoma – External Link)



Section A: Governance Board, Administrators, and Faculty/Staff

  1. Governance Board
  2. Superintendent
  3. Principals (Revised)
  4. Asst. Principals (Revised)
  5. Employment of Superintendent
  6. Employment of Principals
  7. Employment of Assistant Principals, Regular Full-Time Faculty, and Regular Part-Time Faculty
  8. Compensation
  9. Employment Policies
  10. Employment of Faculty and Administration
  11. Background Checks on Prospective Employees
  12. Performance Reviews
  13. Employment Renewal Status
  14. Resignations of Employees
  15. Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
  16. Personal Protection Against Retribution and Retaliation
  17. Whistleblower Protection
  18. Faculty Orientation
  19. Professional Development
  20. Before School, After School, and Lunch Duty
  21. Code of Conduct for Faculty
  22. Prohibition Against Racism, Bigotry, Gender Bias, and Sexual Orientation Bias
  23. Reduction in Force
  24. Discipline, Suspension, and/or Dismissal of Employee
  25. Employee Complaint Procedure
  26. Other Personnel-Related Matters
  27. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
  28. Prohibition on Other Remuneration or Work
  29. Participation in Political Activities
  30. Workers’ Compensation
  31. Health Insurance Benefits
  32. Life Insurance
  33. Employee Retirement
  34. Leave
  35. Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  36. Sick Leave
  37. Personal Leave
  38. Emergency Medical Leave
  39. Emergency Leave
  40. Bereavement Leave
  41. Military Leave
  42. Legal Leave
  43. Education Employee Injured by Assault or Battery Leave
  44. Dress/Appearance
  45. Lactation Accomodation

Section B: Administrative Matters

  1. School Calendar
  2. School Day
  3. Scheduling of All Students
  4. Forwarding and Disclosure of Records
  5. Pupil Records, Storing of Pupil Records, Time Requirement and Exception Policy
  6. Prohibition of Race and Sex Discrimination in Curriculum & Complaint Process
  7. Curriculum and Materials used in Sex Education Class
  8. Display of Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Telephone Number

Section C: Students and Parents

  1. Character Education
  2. Programs for Students with Disabilities
  3. Programs for Students Experiencing Homelessness
  4. Programs for Migratory Students
  5. Programs for Students in Foster Care
  6. Programs for Gifted and Talented Students
  7. Programs for Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP)
  8. Programs for English Language Learner Students
  9. Student Council
  10. Extracurricular Activities
  11. School Social Activities
  12. Field Trips and Excusions 
  13. Guidance Program
  14. Grading Practices
  15. Student Admisisons (Updated as of 12.9.22)
  16. Open Transfers
  17. Admission of Students after the Beginning of the School Year
  18. Attendance and Tardy Status
  19. Code of Conduct for Students
  20. Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians
  21. Consequences for Violations of Codes of Conduct
  22. Student Release from School
  23. Student Transportation
  24. Student Transportaiton in Private Vehicles
  25. Uniform Dress Code
  26. Out-of-Uniform Days
  27. Fraternities, Sororitities, and Secret Societies
  28. Search of Students, Student Lockers, and Student Property, and Schoolwide Searches
  29. Student and Parent Complaints
  30. Community Service Programs
  31. Parent Volunteer Program
  32. Parent Organizations
  33. Student Publications

Section D: Competitive Sports and Activities

  1. Sports and Activities
  2. Practice Scheduling
  3. Transportation to Practices, Games, and Events
  4. Sports-Related Head Injuries
  5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention
  6. Vehicle Usage
  7. Riley Boartwright Act (Riley’s Rule)

Section E: Healthy and Safety

  1. Safety
  2. Safe and Healthy School Committee
  3. Student Bullying Discipline Policy Requirements
  4. Harassment
  5. Programs for CPR Training
  6. CPR Certified Staff Members
  7. Prohibition of Tobacco, Vaping, and Nicotine Products
  8. Use of Medicume Marijuana
  9. Reporting of Students Under the Influence of Certain Prohibitied Substances and Written Policy Provided to Teachers
  10. Medical Emergencies
  11. Disaster/Crisis Plan
  12. Handling of Hazardous Materials
  13. Personal Safety
  14. Fire, Tornado, Lockdown, and Lockout Drills
  15. Reporting Child Abuse
  16. Dangerous Weapons
  17. Safe and Healthy School Building Operation Plan
  18. Student Self-Administration of Sunscreen
  19. Vaccination Prohibition
  20. Administration of Medications / Asthma-Anaphylaxis-Epinephrine
  21. Reporting Assault and Battery of School Employee
  22. Development and Availability of Mental Health Information & Training Program for Teachers
  23. AIDS Prevention Education
  24. AIDS Multidisciplinary Advisory of Mental Health Information & Training Program for Teachers
  25. Health Education and Certification
  26. Bullying Prevention
  27. Separation of Victim and Offender
  28. Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  29. Meningococcal Meningitis
  30. Diabetes Medical Management Plan
  31. CPR and Heimlich Maneuver Instructions
  32. Use of Automated External Defibrillators
  33. Threatening Behavior, Notification of Law Enforcement, Good Faith Immunity from Discipline
  34. Duty to Report Unauthorized Firearm and to Deliver Seized Weapon to Law Enforcement
  35. Psychiatric or Psychological Examination, Testing or Treatment and Eliciting of Certain Personal Information Prohibited Without Parental Consent
  36. NEW: Bathroom Policy

Section F: Security

  1. Building and Grounds Security
  2. Vandalism
  3. Authority to Order Persons to Leave District Buildings/Grounds
  4. Authority to Order Persons to Leave District Premises During Athletic Events
  5. Energy Conservation


Section G: Technology

  1. Technology Program
  2. Internet
  3. Email
  4. Library/Media Center Plan
  5. Digital Security


Section H: Community & Public Relations

  1. Relationships with Educational Accredidation Agencies
  2. Public Information
  3. Community Use of School Grounds and Facilities
  4. Advertising in the Schools
  5. Visitors to the District
  6. Use of School-Owned Property
  7. Public Comments at Board Meetings (Revised 8.23.22)
  8. Open Records Requests
  9. Federal Programs

Section I: Financial Processes

  1. Fiscal Management Goals
  2. Annual Operating Budget and State Aid
  3. Outside Funding
  4. School Activity Fund
  5. Fiscal Management and Accounting
  6. Purchasing
  7. Expense Reimbursements
  8. Fundraising 
  9. Credit or Purchase Card
  10. Petty Cash Fund
  11. Travel